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“We Are On It, So You Stay In It”

Sports and Healthcare Solutions offers a variety of services that allow you to focus on sales, customers, and growing your business. Go with one, pick a few, or use us for all your needs. We are here to support your business success. 

International Logistics

SHCS has partnered with Vector Global Logistics to provide the most customer driven, communication forward shipping services to move products around the world. SHCS is an FDA Class I regulated shipper with product liability insurance to act as a Master Importer. Working closely with Vector Global Logistics for all clients has allowed us to minimize the stress associated with international shipping while communicating the necessary dynamics of timing, carrier selection, and intercoms needed for successful shipments.


After utilizing a variety of shipping services, SHCS works exclusively with Peak Fulfillment, a full service fulfillment and distribution company with the ability to provide custom solutions. From shipping automation, to kitting products, to selecting the most cost efficient methods of doing business, Peak Fulfillment has a successful track record of bringing the quality that comes with being a manufacturer of FDA regulated products, ensuring your goods are shipped in a timely and efficient manner.

Marketing Automation

This is where we truly excel. Clinicians consulting and guiding your message, automating it to clinical and consumer audiences, creating customized solutions as your business changes. 

Search Engine Optimization

Connecting you brand and messaging to your online platform is critical for marketing. Allow us the opportunity to tie everything together to ensure you have a streamlined approach to reaching your target audiences. 


Whether your company is looking to work with large distributors, local markets, niche clinical practices,or just connect with other like minded product companies,  SHCS has developed relationships throughout the sports and medical worlds to ensure you meet with the right people. We can evaluate your current operations and provide consultative services to guide you in the right direction.


We partner with a variety of graphics artists that complete work in a timely and efficient manner to provide quality pictures, infographics, marketing, and advertisements to enhance your business presence.2

Clinical Testing

With strong relationships in professional sports, Division I programs, physical therapy organizations, chiropractors throughout the USA, etc. we can get your product into the hands of reputable and talented individuals to provide feedback and guidance for your sales successes. 

Professional Videos

Professional videos is one of the most effective ways to consistently convey your products message. SHCS has partnered with Drake Co. Photography to provide quality pics and marketing with the team of SHCS supporting operations to ensure the needs of the client are met.

Website Design

Experts in WordPress applications, we have the tools to bring your product to life on the computer, phone, or tablet. We strive to offer a quality presence for your products while ensuring the back end has the capabilities for all your sales needs. 

Focus on Your Strengths. Outsource Everything Else


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a consulting organization for product companies and clinical practices, we know the value of focusing on what we do well. The number of things it takes to create a viable and marketable product are tremendous, ranging from design and manufacturing, to prototypes and patents. We get it. We applaud your talents but also know there are only so many hours in the day. “We Are on It…So You Stay In It” is what we believe but it is also what we practice. SHCS focus on the processes, allowing you to be in the business growing it the way you way. We partner with the best companies and contractors we can find to ensure that every part of your business is taken care of. The more you focus on your customers and sales, the better off you will be. Let us take care of the dirty work for you. 🙂

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