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Dynamic Tape

Ryan Kendrick, MHPT  (Australia)

While working on the professional tennis tour, Ryan Kendrick was unhappy with the fact that tape was unable to absorb force. He recognized if he had a product that could decelerate the body while still allowing 100% range of motion, it would allow injury parts to heal faster and more effectively. From this idea he created the Biomechanical Tape known as Dynamic Tape.


IQ Productions

Joerg Linnemann, PT (Germany)

Constantly looking to innovate the rehabilitation space, Joerg has spent decades crafting and perfecting his instruments. From German engineered soft tissue tools with Reha Set to complete treatment systems with AP Tower, Joerg continues to improve how clinicians can best address their patients functional needs. 



Motion Guidance

Tal Blair, DPT (USA)

Realizing the communication gap between clinician in patient, Tal Blair created Motion Guidance to improve the discussion while demonstrating movement strategy and body awareness. The Idea was simple, but executing a deliverable product was very challenging. This product provide simple cues on how to move (that is how much, isolated, controlled, fast, slow, etc) without unnecessary internalizing of movement or excessive verbal and tactile cues. Simply brilliant. 

Vertical Foot Alignment Systems

Neil Smith, Pedorthotist (Australia)

Neil felt the world of custom orthotics wasn’t what it said it was: truly custom. So he created a system that allows for creating in weight bearing corrective orthotics that takes into consideration every aspect of the body. 



Amy Baxter, MD (USA)

Taking her needle stick pain controlling technology to the rehab space, Amy Baxter created Vibracool, a patented combo of cold vibration that is fundamentally changing our approach to localized pain control with injuries, chronic pain, and surgery. From Shark Tank to Good Morning America, Amy is on a non-stop march across the USA to shake up pain relief. 


Bak Physio

Mark Alexander, MHPT (Australia)

From his days working with the Australian Olympic Team, Mark was always looking for convenient ways to address back and neck pain at home. With no ideal options out there, he created BakBalls and NeckRest, two perfectly contoured and designed products to offer pain relief anywhere. 


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