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Consulting, Distribution, Marketing, Logistics

“We are on it…So you stay in it”


We are focused on helping our customers get back to doing what they love….helping their customers. The day to day tasks that bog them down are left to us. We will help you automate, outsource and optimize 100% of your business. Let us take care of YOU!



Healthcare Solutions

International Logistics

Manufacture outside the US? No worries, we have the systems and partners in place to get you goods from factory to customer.


We are able to fullfill orders for both the USA and other countries with an integrated shipping portal and inventory systems.


Website development, automating systems, and marketing support are just a few of the many business and sales services we offer.


Looking to position your product for success? We can come look under the hood and show you how to get the engine going.


We work with some of the most talented graphics artists to take your ideas and put them into motion.

Professional Videography

We partner with talented photographers to position your product for success in both retail and healthcare spaces.

Clinical Relationships

From pro sports to clinical educators, we have the relationships to put your products in front of the right audience.


“We Move Better…Working Together.”
If your product fits with our clients, we will make the introduction.

Success Stories

“Keith’s deep insight as a clinician, combined with his business and sales experience in the sports and healthcare markets, provided us invaluable guidance for Vibracool. From helping us identify distributors to work with to even how we ship our products, Keith has been an incredible asset to our company.”


Amy Baxter, MD

Pain Care Labs, Founder

Keith is someone that has the experience and background to help make sure you are on the right track. His expertise was extremely helpful in avoiding the most common mistakes most early businesses make as we were starting our 3D Motion Analysis company, and he is still one of the first people to help us.

I call today when I need advice or assistance. I highly recommend working with Keith! 

Doug Adams, DPT

Trace 3D Running System, Founder

“We engaged Keith to help our company with a transition into

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the sports medicine market. He provided invaluable, energetic guidance that greatly helped position our company for immediate growth. He combines thorough technical and domain understanding with a keen sense for sales and customer awareness.”


John Thorp

Boditrak Sports, President

Let us help you grow your business

Our team is comprised of clinical and non-clinical team members which allows us to interact with every aspect of your business. From bringing a product to market, to clinical interventions to sales, we are able to help you get the most out of your business, today!

Do You Have a Product in these Industries? If so, give us a call. 


Physical Therapy


Athletic Training


Pain Medicine

Personal Training

Sports Performance